Golf Waldviertel, © Waldviertel Tourismus/ Robert Herbst

Golfing in Lower Austria

The green of more than 40 Lower Austrian golf courses seems endless.

Perfect golf facilities and services that do not leave any golfing wishes open - Lower Austria offers Austria's widest range of possibilities for golfing. Golfing in Lower Austria is pure enjoyment on the course itself and beyond.

The golf course flows from its perfect lawn into the lush meadows of the Mostviertel, nestles against the gentle hills of the Weinviertel and climbs the densely wooded mountain slopes of the Alpine foothills. It passes through the mystical Waldviertel, merging with the wide horizon of the Marchfeld and the Pannonian lowland. In all regions of Lower Austria there are golf courses which, through their infrastructure and services, fascinates golf rabbits, amateurs and pros alike. Actually, however, it is a place of enjoyment in the middle of the contrasting variety of landscape, culture and culinary delights.

Golfing experience in Lower Austria

The golfing season in Lower Austria lasts from April until October, longer than anywhere else in Austria. Until season closing, there are tournaments every weekend, including big events such as the Austrian GolfOpen. For more than a quarter of the Austrian golf courses is located in Lower Austria unconditional quality is a must.

Austrian Golf Association