Heurigen, © Weinland Thermenregion/Adrian Almasan

Wine, cider and a cosy atmosphere!

Lower Austria’s landscape is as diverse, as its wine taverns are customary: Informal and cosy with fresh delicacies from the region!

What is a wine tavern? Wine taverns are just as much a part of Lower Austria as the wine itself.

As contrasting as Lower Austria is, its Heurige (wine taverns) are both diverse, yet typical with their casual and cosy atmospheres and fresh delicacies from the region.

Though after all, there is no one typical Heurige in Lower Austria. Typical varies: in the east it's Grüner Veltliner, in the west it's Birnenmost. Some Heurige offer warm delicacies, Buschenschank offer cold delicacies. The ambiance can also vary from modern to traditional.

The name Heurige comes from the German word "heurige" meaning this year's wine, as ordered by the then Kaiser in 1784. Since then, much has changed. The most important thing is that Heurige have remained: cosy and regional, a slice of culture in Lower Austria.

Excellent places for a pit stop at a Mostheurige or Weinheurige grouped together under the "Top-Heurige" quality label.