wine tavern culture, © Hauke Dressler

Wine, cider and a cosy atmosphere!

Lower Austria’s landscape is as diverse, as its wine taverns are customary: Informal and cosy with fresh delicacies from the region!

What is a wine tavern? Wine taverns are just as much a part of Lower Austria as the wine itself.

Alongside fine wines, these special wine and cider taverns also service cold and hot dishes. The variety is vast. In the east the dominant wine is the Grüne Veltliner, in the west pear cider is served, in the south, the Vienna Alps, only cold delicacies are offered. But the variety doesn’t stop there - the ambiance ranges from modern to rustic.

Wine taverns are in season all year round. Simply check the Wine Tavern Calendar to find which wine tavern is open when. Each wine tavern hangs a sign outside or a pine branch or wreath around a burning light to show that it is open.

The Austrian name for wine tavern (Heurige) comes from the Austrian expression for this year’s (heurigen) wine and came into existence by order of the Emperor in 1784. Since then much has changed, but the wine taverns have retained what really matters: a cosy atmosphere, regional specialities, a slice of culture in Lower Austria!