Weinfrühling in der Kellergasse, © Robert Herbst

Wine spring

Young, fresh, alluring: In the Lower Austria wine region the new vintage is welcomed at the wine spring.

Whereas for the winegrower, autumn is the most exciting season, the most thrilling moments for wine lovers do not start until spring. Autumn’s vintage, matured over the winter, waits to be tasted in the spring.

You can see it sprout and bud everywhere, wine cellar lanes light up and the winegrowers open their wine cellar doors: At the end of March, the new wine year starts at the same time as spring in the wine region of Lower Austria. The wine press house and wine taverns are decked out for wine festivals and tastings, benches and chairs are placed in the refreshing outside areas and everybody is greeted with little delicacies on their wine hikes or wine journeys.

Young wine: Highlight of the season

In Austria's leading winegrowing region, everything has been centred around good wines for thousands of years. Harvesting in the wine autumn and tasting in the wine spring. Spring is therefore the ideal time to get an overview of the character of the new young wine and to fill your own cellar.

One region - so much choice

It is estimated that wine has been at home in Lower Austria for over 4,000 years and with its eight winegrowing regions it offers a great variety. From the wineries of the UNSECO World Heritage Site Wachau, to Krems Valley (“Kremstal”), Traisental, Carnuntum, Kamp Valley (“Kamptal”) to Wagram, in the thermal region Vienna Woods or in the Weinviertel –the new vintages of the quality wines, which are known far beyond the borders and have sometimes won DAC awards, can simply be tasted sip by sip.

Vacation at the winery

A trip out into the wine spring touches all the senses. It is no surprise that here in the Lower Austria wine region, with over 28,000 hectares of vineyards, 75% white and 25% red grape varieties, we always produce the best wines. It's worth discovering winegrowers and wineries in person on a wine tour or experiencing Lower Austria’s wine tavern culture up close on a day trip. It is not surprising that some people want to stay longer and combine their stay with a short holiday at the winegrower’s.