Weinherbst Architektur, © Niederösterreich-Werbung/Andreas Hofer

Wine and architecture

The wine has been at home in Lower Austria for 2,000 years. Due to the extensive traditional and modern viticulture, the Lower Austria Wine Route has inspired a lot the European winery architecture.

As the writer Robert Louis Stevenson pondered in the 19th century, "Wine is bottled poetry!" Was he thinking of Lower Austrian wines and winery architecture? Wine is definitely poetry in Lower Austria. Especially in the form of enjoyment.

Nowhere does wine and good taste come together in such a way: In the liquid form of the wine itself, and in the solid form of viticulture. We know this much for certain: For making the wine a poetry success, several factors have to play successfully a part: Best locations, an ideal climate and in particular, vintners. This is because sweet grapes need competence and dedication to become fine wines. The best wines come from the best locations. Outstanding winery architecture also thrives in these beautiful places. Through architecture, the wine industry in Lower Austria combines tradition and modernity in a fascinating way. This strengthens the regional and architectural identity. Architecture and wine find a symbiosis. The wine tastes best in the traditional, picturesque cellar lanes. Or from a simple glass at the 'Heuriger'. There are 1,100 cellar lanes among some 181 villages, also known affectionately in the region as 'villages without chimneys'. And on the next day, it is a relish to experience wine tasting with the vintner in the modern architecture. In the wine shops and 'worlds of wine' visitors are informed about wine and can secure themselves ' bottled poetry' for atmospheric evenings at home. If, as a host, you agonise over modern architecture, you can turn your thoughts to the special service you give your guests!

Wine & Architecture: A perfect match