WAB - Regional Route T: Muggendorf - Rohr im Gebirge

Hiking route from Water World Myrafälle car park, Muggendorf to Gasthof zum Kaiser Franz Josef, Rohr im Gebirge

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Elevation profile

24,54 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Route: 24,54 km
  • Ascent: 1.189 egm
  • Descent: 975 egm
  • Duration: 9:00 h
  • Lowest point: 468 m
  • Highest point:1.183 m
  • With refreshment stops

Details for: WAB - Regional Route T: Muggendorf - Rohr im Gebirge

Brief description

Regional Route T starts at the splendid Myra Falls and heads on via the fabled Unterberg summit to Rohr im Gebirge. The Regional Routes are part of the network of paths making up the Viennese Alps (WAB) route. Hikes along these routes lead you to unique views and also insights. The Regional Routes are linked to the network of paths making up the Viennese Alps route. This results in circular hikes in conjunction with the long-distance path.


This route starts with a genuine highlight of the region - the Myra Falls - and continues into the remote areas of the Gutenstein Alps. We hike through a wonderful range of forested hills, combined with glorious landscapes and breathtaking views such as from the Kieneck or the fabled Unterberg. The focus of this route is the pioneering required to develop this hilly, very remote forest landscape. A completely unexpected facet of the Viennese Alps.

Starting point of the tour

Water World Myrafälle car park, Muggendorf

Destination point of the tour

Gasthof zum Kaiser Franz Josef, Rohr im Gebirge

Route description WAB - Regional Route T: Muggendorf - Rohr im Gebirge

This hike on Regional Route T starts at Myra Falls in Muggendorf. The conservation charge as an entrance fee is € 3.50 for adults and € 1.00 for children. We follow the cascades of Myra Falls over steps and bridges, enjoying the full splendour of such a natural sight. At the top of these wild waterfalls, Viennese Alps trail signs lead us away from the water and we ascend left towards Haussteinswiese. A detour to the Hausstein vantage point grants us views up to the Schneeberg.






We cross the northern edge of the Haussteinwiese and follow the hiking route downhill to Gasthof Karnerwirt. Directly opposite, we follow the narrow path alongside the Myrabach stream (also known as Wallfahrerweg) and avoid a stretch of road in the process. We come back to the road after a few minutes, stay along the edge of the road heading towards Thal, then turn right onto Atzerstraße (also marked in red and is path no. 231) near the Feuerwehrhaus. We turn left at a small car park into the Viehgraben ditch heading towards Kieneck. At this point we now walk slightly uphill in the Viehgraben, until we take the fork to the Matrassteig path after around 40 minutes of walking. After several hairpin bends and steeper sections, we reach the summit of Kieneck. The sun terrace on the Enzianhütte cabin to our right is a splendid place to rest.






We continue to hike along Regional Route T and reach the next destination, namely the Unterbergschutzhaus, which is on the route of several long-distance hikes. From the Enzianhütte cabin, we head downhill with wonderful views of the Bettelmannkreuz, then start ascending once again. After going past Kirchwaldberg, we follow the hiking path going both uphill and downhill. We cross the first pistes of the natural skiing area on the Unterberg and reach the Unterbergschutzhaus, in which it is possible to stay overnight. A splendid view can be seen of the summit of the Unterberg.






Regional Route T now leads past the small Maria Einsiedl Church and heads through the Miragraben ditch downhill to Grieshof. At the same time, we’re also on the Wiener Mariazellerweg route (marked in red, and path no. 06). From the Grieshof, we follow the paved road down the valley along the Rainbach stream. Shortly after the crossroads at Klauswirt, we veer somewhat left from the road and hike up a trail that is parallel to the road in the direction of Rohr im Gebirge. After walking around 20 minutes, we come to the road once again and follow it to a bridge. We then hike left over the Klausbach stream and reach the centre of Rohr im Gebirge in a few minutes. There are places to stay overnight in Rohr im Gebirge. Buses travel from Rohr im Gebirge to Payerbach-Reichenau railway station or to Schwarzau im Gebirge.


If you are travelling from Vienna or Graz on the A2, change onto the B21 heading towards Gutenstein at the Wöllersdorf exit. When in Pernitz turn right onto Muggendorfer Straße, and when in Muggendorf turn off left to reach the Myra Falls.


Car parking is available at Myra Falls.

Take the train via Wiener Neustadt to Pernitz. The entrance to Myra Falls is 45 minutes away on foot. Whilst buses travel from Pernitz to Muggendorf, they are relatively rare and usually go on school days.


More information can be found at www.öbb.at and www.vor.at

More info/links

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Viennese Alps in Lower Austria, www.wieneralpen.at, +43 / 2622 / 78960


Always bring suitable maps. Always wear appropriate, sturdy footwear, bring sun and rain protection and water, as well as a little something to eat. Bring your mobile phone with you and save the mountain rescue emergency number: 140

Safety information

Your hiking experience in the Vienna Alps should be a thoroughly enjoyable and safe one. Therefore, please bear the following in mind:



When choosing a route, make sure it corresponds to your experience and physical fitness level. Check the weather forecast before you set off. The weather can change surprisingly quickly in the mountains. Always take appropriate equipment with you (e.g. rain protection).

Check whether the cabins and snack stations you intend to visit along the way are open. Inform someone before you set off of your chosen route and when you plan to return.

Map recommendations

Freytag & Berndt WK 5012 und WK 012

Author's tip

Would you like to combine your hike with an overnight stay? Options include the Enzianhütte cabin on Kieneck, the Unterberg Schutzhaus, Bauernhof Garhof, and the Hotel Kaiser Franz Josef in Rohr im Gebirge.

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