Retz windmill in Weinviertel, © Niederösterreich-Werbung/ M. Liebert

The home of wine: Retz

For wine lovers and foodies alike, Retz is always worth a visit. Read on to find out where to experience moments of pleasure off the beaten track in the idyllic wine city.

Cycling by e-bike through the wine-growing region or taking a night tour through the experience cellar: Everything revolves around wine in Retz. It is a good thing that it is a really easy to find the perfect starting point for a long night indulging yourself in the wine taverns.

Underground and overground enjoyment

Mediterranean flair in the northern Weinviertel? It’s true. Find it in the wonderful town of Retz with its huge main square and abundance of wine cellars. You will find the largest and best below the main square: The Retzer Erlebniskeller is a 20-km giant maze and is best experienced on a Nachtwächterführung (nightwatchman tour). Above ground, don’t miss seeing Verderberhaus at Marktplatz, a sgraffito house and also a town landmark. The main square is also the location of our accommodation tip: The Landgut & SPA Althof Retz hotel, a destination we would go back to time and again. The Althof VinoSPA with infinity roof pool and views towards the vineyards and the new Weinviertel winemaker’s room with a wine fridge bursting with top quality wine (which might also lead you to discover a local tipple) are an absolutely charming mix: plenty of contemporary comfort incorporated into a historic setting, paired with welcoming Weinviertel hospitality. Trust us, it is one of the best!

On the vineyard trail

Retz spoils its guests with culinary delights, including the wonderful wine taverns, such as Windmühlen-Heurigen Bergmann: We recommend going by foot. Take a short walk along the Weinrieden trail to the old windmill, which serves everything from modern interpretations of wine tavern classics to excellent wines from the region, in a vineyard setting. The best way to explore the Weinviertel is on two wheels. Hire e-bikes and bicycles in Retz from bike hire shops. Our tip for Retz cyclists: Don’t miss the Kellergasse (‘street of cellars’) in Stoitzendorf and visit one of the many wine taverns along the route. Or treat yourself after a long tour to a dip in the cool waters of the lido or indulge in a weißen G´spritzten (white wine spritzer) whilst sitting outdoors at the wine bar in Retz's wine district: the largest wine district in Austria invites you to try more than 20 wonderful wines from the region and over 300 wines can be purchased at local rates. Our tip: In summer, wine bar manager and amateur BBQ chef Klaus Gössl grills delicious summer sides to accompany the Weinviertel wines for special events.

Holidays with taste

The cuisine in Retz is outstanding. Weinviertel specialities such as squash and pumpkins are prepared in delicious dishes in the Schlossgasthaus Brand gastropub. We are also blown away by Pollak’s Retzbacherhof, where you enjoy asparagus, ‘Kalbs-Beuscherl’ (veal) and organic ‘Henderl’ (fried chicken) – all accompanied by regional wines, of course. We want to briefly mention the tangy Grünen Veltliner, Austria’s signature white grape wine, affectionately known as Pfefferl, which is characteristic of the Weinviertel. For those of you who have thoroughly enjoyed the delicious Veltliner wine in one of the many wine taverns around Retz, we recommend booking the affordable Retzer Gästetaxi guest taxi service to take you home. This might be a great tip for the Weinlesefest wine festival in September or the Weinviertel Wine Tour in spring.