Vienna Alps Bed, © Wiener Alpen/Bene Croy

So that your holiday is a bit more than a holiday.

Extravagant and hand-picked: Lower Austria’s extraordinary accommodations

Everything extraordinary: Lower Austria’s most exciting lodges, the most unusual sleeping facilities and the most unforgettable time awaits you. What are you waiting for?

Go for a rather unusual holiday.

If you count the stars through panoramic windows lying in bed instead of sheep, if you wake up high in the Waldviertel treetops or live completely self-sufficiently in a caravan amidst vineyards, then these can only be Lower Austria's most extraordinary accommodations. Contrast is the key here. From the opulent Winzerhof at the world heritage site to the barren hut Holzknechthütte in the middle of nowhere, from a bed in the Vienna Alps to a night in the wine barrel, you can experience everything, which you normally cannot experience.