Instagram Fotochallenge 2020, © Niederösterreich Werbung/Kristin Adlberger/ Sebastian Pollinger

Instagram Hotspots

Lower Austria is becoming a dream destination for keen photographers.

Do they really exist? Places that are so beautiful and charming that you just want to keep going back and back? The answer is YES! And we can prove it.

All Instagram users dream of such hotspots. Check your Instagram feed. Are any of the following shots missing from it: a natural lake, surrounded by imposing mountains; wild and romantic wine cellar lanes lined with colourful grapevines; or ancient castle walls offering the best view of the Danube ever? These scenes should surely be on your “Instagram bucket list”. Re-shooting is allowed. Join us on our quest to find the best photo hotspots, and share them with the hashtags #loweraustria!

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