Journey to the Stone Age

Visit woolly mammoths and friends: The most impressive Stone Age sites to visit in Lower Austria.

The Venus of Willendorf, created over 27,000 years ago, is Lower Austria’s most famous archaeological discovery from the Stone Age, but it is by no means the only one. The survivors of prehistoric hunter-gatherers can be seen in several museums.

Not only are there many excavation sites in Lower Austria, there are also places where you can immerse yourself in the Stone Age. The MAMUZ prehistoric museum in Schloss Asparn in Asparn an der Zaya uses impressive exhibits to tell the story of the civilisations who lived in the age of the mammoth hunters around 40,00 years ago to the Early Middle Ages. It is mainly due to the full-size reconstructed models of dwellings from prehistoric times that the museum has developed into a unique tourist destination. In addition, the MAMUZ Museum Mistelbach exhibits a changing annual programme of historic highlights.

From mammoths, ring ditches and the Venus

The Urzeitmuseum prehistoric museum in Nußdorf ob der Traisen has a faithful replica of a mammoth in front of the entrance and is home to significant finds from the Traisental region. The reconstruction of an ancient village and one of the legendary ring ditches can be seen at Heldenberg. Are you wondering about the Venus of Willendorf? She is currently visiting the Natural History Museum in Vienna. The Venusium in Willendorf exhibits additional finds from that period.