Baking bread, carving whistles, and pressing juice

Everything is home-made at Bio-Bauernhof Höbarten (Höbarten Organic Farm)

The Winter family are right at home on their organic farm at 750m above sea level, with their cats, rabbits, cows, sheep and chickens. Maybe you will join them soon – it is beautiful up there, and there is plenty of scope for adventure.

Blast out the boredom – try your hand at carving a whistle and milking cows
Have you ever led cows from the pasture for milking? No? Well, now’s your chance! The Winter family, who own the organic farm, will show you what to do. They also know how to press fresh fruit juice, and how to carve a home-made whistle. Farmer Erwin is also a talented tractor driver. He will take you for a spin and show you the best tricks for luring the chickens away from their eggs.

Biohof Höbarten in the Ötscher-Tormäuer nature park
Biohof Höbarten is situated on the Iron Trail in Lower Austria, and at the entrance of the Ötscher-Tormäuer nature park. Here you can go on great hikes, and climb up to a number of viewing platforms along the way. You will always have a bread roll – which you have baked yourself, using Mrs Winter’s secret recipe – in your backpack. Erlaufsee (Lake Erlauf) and Lunzer See (Lunzer Lake) offer great swimming opportunities, and you can also hire boats. If you would prefer to go downhill rather than uphill, we recommend taking a ride on the summer toboggan run in Türnitz. And when you return to the farm in the evening, a campfire on which you can grill sausages, will be waiting for you.

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