Pferdinand and the forest pirates!

At Büchlhof, the Pracks’ family farm near Lilienfeld

Gustl is a dog, Rosi is a goat with an attitude and Pferdinand is a stallion. Those are just a few of the many animals at the Büchlhof organic farm who can’t wait to meet our curious visitors! The Prack family makes sure all the creatures on the farm feel right at home, including their two-legged guests.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of … apple juice! Conquer the dark corners of the forest as a forest pirate. It is there that the treasure chest is buried! Dig it up and hide it again. So nobody can find it!     

How do you take care of a forest? With a moisturizer so it stays fresh? No, no – we’ll show you how it’s done – and why an oak tree is not a beech tree and how a board is cut out of a huge tree. It also burns well, wood – especially in a campfire with a hotdog or two to roast.

It gets really quiet when we go on a nighttime hike with you and your family. Just the torch hissing and an owl hooting. Kind of scary. Anyone who is brave enough for that can also ride along on our tractor!

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