Cycling with luggage transport service

Carefree cycling with no weight to carry.

Real mountain biking should be cool and a cycle tour will only relaxed and fun if you’re not carrying much weight. Heavy luggage would only hamper you here, so we’ll take it for you and ensure it’s always at your next stop before you arrive.

Do you enjoy exploring a country and learning about its people on two wheels? If you do, Austria’s heartland with its wide range of landscapes is perfect for you – regardless of whether you want to cover a large distance, ride over all sorts of terrain on a mountain bike or simply tour at a leisurely pace.

Carefree cycling and mountain biking in Lower Austria

We think cycling should be unhampered and that it should ensure you’re able to enjoy nature’s beauties without having to worry about anything else. For that reason, we’ll take your luggage from one stop to the next for you. You’ll be able to move more easily and freely with less weight! You just carry what you need during the day and your suitcase will be waiting for you at your next stop when you arrive in the evening.

Quickly organised!

Does this sound tempting? Luggage transport is already organised on the most interesting routes. All you have to do is get on your bike, then slow down and brake when you get to your next guest house or wine tavern after enjoying a day of gurgling streams and peaceful vineyards.