9 reasons to take to the saddle

These cycling adventure tours mean we offer an even wider range of regional cycling routes.

We have thoroughly tested these routes and compiled the best of them together as the best cycling adventure tours. Nine of these tours are perfect for getting on your bike and exploring the area at a leisurely pace. Let’s go!

1. Lainsitztaler (Lainsitz Valley) Iron Curtain Trail

This historic route from Hojná Voda to Gmünd highlights the scenic and idyllic nature that is typical of the Waldviertel. Particular highlights include Schloss Weitra to see the permanent exhibition of the Iron Curtain or the final destination of Gmünd. Tip: the Lainsitztaler (Lainsitz Valley) Iron Curtain Trail can be readily combined with the section of EuroVelo 13 (Iron Curtain Trail) from the Czech side from Gmünd to Hojná Voda to make a circuit.

2. Pielachtalradweg (Pielach Valley)

Starting from Stift Melk, the family-friendly Pielachtalradweg (Pielach Valley) starts off with the first few kilometres on quiet side streets before heading along the underflow of the River Pielach. This cycle route runs alongside the Mariazellerbahn railway in the Dirndltal, providing views of a vibrant and rural cultivated landscape.

3. Traisentaler (Traisen Valley) Weinbergradweg

The Traisentaler (Traisen Valley) Weinbergradweg takes you through vineyards and orchards with splendid views of the wine-producing landscapes in the Traisental. Numerous wine taverns, guest houses, swimming lakes and many rest and play areas are ideal for whiling away the hours. Those with more cultural inclinations can make a detour to Urzeitmuseum Nußdorf, Schloss Traismauer, Schloss Walpersdorf as well as Stift Herzogenburg.

4. Laabentalradweg (Laaben Valley)

A relaxed, family-friendly cycle tour through the appealing landscapes of the Elsberre-Wienerwald region. With the sound of splashing water in the background, cycling along the Laubentalbach takes you through meadow orchards and the Wiesenwienerwald in the direction of Brand-Laaben.

5. Marchfeldkanal-Radweg

Starting in Langenzersdorf, the tour does not have any serious ascents and is far from motor traffic along the Marchfeldkanal and the Russbach as it continues along the expansive plans of the Marchfeld, the granary and vegetable garden of Austria. A quick stop at a AbHof store is well worth it. The final destination is the picturesque Schloss Hof, one of the splendid highlights of the castles making up the Marchfelder Schlösserreich.

6. Römer Tour

The family-friendly Römer cycling route, starts at the attractive medieval town of Bruck an der Leitha, goes past Haydn’s birthplace and Schloss Rohrau to the highlight, the Roman city of Carnuntum. It continues through roads framed by wine cellars and vineyards in the heart of Carnuntum wine-growing country to the villages of Höflein and Göttlesbrunn before returning home.

7. Klöster-Kaiser-Künstler-Tour (Monastery Imperial Artist Tour)

The Klöster-Kaiser-Künstler-Tour (Monastery Imperial Artist Tour) is a quite special cycling tour. The route features many historic buildings and destinations, such as Römertherme Baden, Stift Heiligenkreuz, Naturpark Sparbach or Schlosspark Laxenburg. We recommend doing this tour in two days so you have enough time for everything. Note: The route sometimes follows forest paths and woodland trails. For this reason, we recommend using a trekking bike or e-trekking bike! 

8. Helenentalradweg

The Helenentalradweg begins in the spa town of Baden (connected to the EuroVelo 9 route), starts along the meadow landscapes then continues alongside the Schwechat River through the romantic Helenental, then on along the bike path directly to Stift Heiligenkreuz (or via a newly built section up to Alland).

9. Feistritztalradweg

The Feistritztalradweg is a small but beautiful cycle path in the Viennese Alps. From EuroVelo 9 near Aspang, the cycle path leads level with two small intermediate climbs through Feistritz and Kirchberg to Otterthal until shortly before Trattenbach, where the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein worked as an elementary school teacher.