Mountain summit, Scenic lookout


The Nebelstein near Moorbad Harbach is 1,017 m high and thus one of the highest elevations in the Waldviertel. Enjoy the wonderful view from the summit. On nice days you can see as far as the Ötscher. The ÖAV refuge, which is open from April to November, is located at the foot of the rock. From the parking lot, the hut and the summit can be reached in about 15 minutes.

The Nebelstein is a meeting point of several national and international hiking trails such as the North-South hiking trail, the Thaytalweg, the European long-distance hiking trail and the Lainsitztalweg.

From Moorbad Harbach the circular hiking trail "Nebelstein Erlebnis-Wanderweg" leads over the Nebelstein.

Location and how to get there