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A beastly delight!

Schloss Salaberg's park with its total area of 33 hectares is also home to the Stadt Haag Zoo – one of the most beautiful recreational spots in Lower Austria. Around 70 domestic and exotic animal species (at a total of roughly 700 animals) inhabit the natural park offering recreation, a break from everyday life, impressive wildlife observation opportunities, great learning experiences but also lots of fun for the little ones.

Observing the zoo's big cats, brown bears, Bactrian camels and baboons is fascinating. On top of that, the inclined visitor will also find spacious animal facilities for baboons, tigers and Alpine ibexes – even a meerkat family is calling the Stadt Haag Zoo its home. At the adventure playground "Erlebniswelt" (“World of Adventures”), children can choose from plenty of stations offering a multitude of play and sporting options as well as motor skill challenges.

Note: advance reservation via phone is required for themed guided tours:
phone: 07434/424 23 extension -17, -16 or -1


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