Waldbauernmuseum Gutenstein


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Sometimes the stroke of luck occurs that a museum building is almost as interesting as the actual museum content. In the case of the Forest Farmers' Museum in Gutenstein in the Piesting Valley, this is exactly the case. An "old farm mill" built in 1576 serves as the site for a museum about the ancillary trades of the forest farmers.

The forest farmers took on a variety of jobs and thus ensured their survival. Their handicrafts can be seen in 13 workshops: from basket weavers to woodworkers, carpenters, lime burners, charcoal burners, pitchers, wainwrights and carters. In the adjacent open-air museum, visitors can see an original sawmill from Oberpiesting, and in the summer season even the water wheel is in operation. In 2015, the Gutenstein Forest Farmers' Museum celebrated its 50th anniversary.

A visit to the Waldbauernmuseum can also be wonderfully combined with a trip along the Piestingtal cycle path.

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