In the midst of the great outdoors

With the Apschner family in St. Corona am Wechsel

The Apschner family’s garden is so pretty, you just want to stay in your deckchair. But then the woods and its adventures beckon, along with swimming, a wild water park, the Hermann’s Cave and a whole lot more.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Living like wild men! In the middle of the woods, we build a real hut with you out of branches and brushwood. Of course, our hut also has a roof – made of tree bark. And for the grand finale there is a tournament with bockerls, a kind of summertime sled! We also show you what all you can eat in the woods: blueberries, blackberries and edible mushrooms.

Hit it good and hard now! We build toys together with hammers, saws, files and nails. And your parents can watch us totally relaxed from their deckchairs.

There is so much to discover at our farm, for girls and boys. There is the fairytale hiking trail – with Little Red Riding Hood, the seven dwarves and for sure, a witch of two. The car museum has great old-time cars to look at for boys big and small – and of course also for girls.

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