Hiking in the Vienna Alps, © Franziska Consolati

The most beautiful hiking trails for climbers and connoisseurs in Lower Austria

Mountaineers and hobby hikers watch out! We have taken a closer look at Lower Austria's 15,000 kilometre long network of hiking trails: The authenticity of nature and life cannot be found in the big city, but quite easily in the country. Let your gaze wander over the mountains and feel the rush of the holidays. Hike from hut to hut, climb the summit and enjoy the expanse of the original alpine pastures: Wanderlust will be your companion on the following hiking trails.

Schneeberg, © (c) Wiener Alpen/Franz Zwickl

Schneeberg with the best: a throne for everyone

The sunrise at Schneeberg will burn itself into your memory. Just to get there early, you’ll be slipping into your hiking boots in the middle of the night. It starts off in Puchberg, the hiking village at the foot of the Schneeberg. In the company of the experienced mountaineer Peter Groß, you can be assured to reach the summit. The climbing day is only complete with the feeling of happiness at the summit and the subsequent relaxation in the Schneeberghof.

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Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park: High peaks, deep gorges, © Niederösterreich Werbung/ Andreas Jakwerth

Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park: High peaks, deep gorges

Around the 1,893 metre high Ötscher, the landmark of the Mostviertel, extends the largest nature park in Lower Austria with 170 square kilometres. The pristine nature is what impresses nature lovers and mountain adventurers alike. The interplay of bizarrely shaped rocks, deep gorges, waterfalls, caves, quiet forests, alpine pastures, lakes and magnificent vantage points.

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Kitzhütte, Mostviertel, © Mostviertel Tourismus/Theo Kust

Hut atmosphere and alpenrose in Mostviertel

Animals aren’t the only ones who love the alpine pastures. Hikers also appreciate the lush meadows, beautiful views of the valley and, of course, the rustic huts. There the hearty hut operators spoil the climbers with a hearty snack. And in the Mostviertel, of course, time also has to be made for a glass of cider.

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Welterbesteig Wachau, © Donau Niederösterreich/Steve Haider

Wachau World Hertiage trail: Hiking in a unique setting

Pleasure-seeking hikers are in the right place at the Wachau World Heritage trail: It’s not just world-famous wines and the Wachauer apricot, but also your own luggage transport that make hiking in the World Cultural Heritage Region a pleasurable experience. And the wealth of castles, palaces and ruins has not even been mentioned.

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