This area makes hikers and winter athletes rejoice and has a variety of routes to explore, both above and below the ground. A must for adventurers.

Experience Hochkar in all its diversity. Above ground, choose from fantastic views on the summit or exciting hikes or rafting tours followed by relaxing brine baths in the valley – underground, unique dripstone caves await courageous explorers.

Scenic heights and depths
As the highest spot in the Göstling Alps (1,808 m), Hochkar is ideal for hikers and winter athletes. Relax on comfortable Enzo benches in Göstling or at the JUFA Hochkar Sport Resort before going out on the Skywalk for a breathtaking 360° view of the region.

Unforgettable moments of excitement and relaxation
So many possible adventures, from white rafting to spectacular dripstone cave trekking. Ybbs Valley saltwater baths (Ybbstaler Solebad) are quieter but the pace picks up again along the Mendling Valley Lumber Trail (Erlebniswelt Mendlingtal). In the winter, visitors trade in their hiking boots for board or skis to explore eastern Austria’s highest winter sports area.

Hiking trails above ground and below
Scenic Mendling Valley leaves hikers astonished. Diverse routes lead to lush mountain pastures, intertwined cave systems and fantastic dripstone formations, a challenge even for experienced tourers. Our tip: Leckermoos, a high moor with diverse fauna and flora.