Sports and idyll on the banks of the Thaya

At JUFA Waldviertel in Raabs an der Thaya

How many hours in a day – how many days long is this vacation? That is the question kids ask when they first see the huge range of sports and recreational activities available at JUFA Waldviertel. But then the peace and quiet is so enjoyable, too, and the scenic natural setting on the banks of the Thaya – time seems to stand still for a moment.

Amazing, isn’t it!

How big are your biceps? Just asking because you will need those muscles in your upper arms to make your way up our boulder wall. And for bowling as far as that goes. But especially for canoeing on the Thaya River. That is a genuine adventure! And in the evening you can check out our herbal sauna. It smells so good in there!

The forest smells wonderful, too, especially in Thaya Valley National Park (Nationalpark Thayatal). The park has many animals you almost never see any more elsewhere in Austria. Green lizards, crayfish – especially cute are the wild cats. You can recognize them by their thick, bushy tails.

The forests in the Waldviertel are also quite exciting. Look over there, a skull! A huge one! And a huge heart! They are made of stone, of hard granite. They are called rocking stones, even though they don't really rock. They were simply deposited there during the last Ice Age. Rocks of this kind are also known as erratics. Amazing aren’t they?

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