Where the perry pear trees bloom: Mostviertel JUST ENJOY Tour at pear tree blossom time

When good taste goes traveling, it is sure to be found on our Mostviertel JUST ENJOY Tour, in the spring in particular when the thousands of fruit trees between Ardagger and St. Peter in der Au burst into bloom.

The Mostviertel is named for “most”, the local pear cider. This JUST ENJOY tour is a discovery tour for the palate. Feast your way through most-heuriger taverns. Enjoy the sheep’s cheese, fruity farm-style ice-cream and fine distillates from Austria’s world champion vodka maker.

When blossoms fall like snow from the trees…

Every year, the white blossoms on the pear trees immerse the Mostviertel in a sea of blossoms that sets the whole region blooming. The Mostviertel is named for “most”, the regional perry (pear cider) and Mostfrühling celebrates this cider and spring. Most Day on April 28 is the climax of this festival and a perfect opportunity to explore the countryside and treat yourself to culinary delights. Head for Zur steinernen Birnen, a most-heuriger near Waidhofen an der Ybbs, for instance, for homemade delicacies and distillates. Or try out Landgasthof Bachlerhof in Kematen a.d. Ybbs, a TOP innkeeper famous for its roast pork.

Where good things reside...

When delicacies like these appear on the table, it is worth checking out their producers. Mostelleria, for example, is where world champion vodka maker Josef Farthofer produces his superb distillates. Another item on our must-try list: The typical regional sheep's cheese and the Mostviertel pear ciders at Seppelbauers Mostothek. The best thing about this cider shop is that it charges the same prices you would pay if you bought straight from the farmer! Incidentally, another must is a visit to the Gebetsberger family’s farm for their legendary homemade farm-style ice-cream. But be warned: Conventional ice-cream will never taste the same again!