Poppy village Armschlag in Waldviertel, © Niederösterreich-Werbung/ M. Liebert

Waldviertel poppy fields and herb gardens

The green Waldviertel becomes multi-coloured in the summer months! Just as the red poppy fields and blossoming herb gardens line the paths.

The Waldviertel smells of nutty poppies and gloriously fresh herbs. To find out where to find the best ones and where to go bathing in the northern part of Lower Austria, find out here.

Where the poppy is at home
The Mohnwirt Neuwiesinger from Armschlag is fully committed to the preparation of delicious poppy specialities, such as Mohnzelten (potato tortelloni with a sweet poppy filling), strudel, dumplings and noodles all the way to ice cream and doughnuts. But it isn't just the Mohnwirt that is crazy for the grey gold, as the mill poppy collection shows; the entire area of Armschlag has bound itself to the tiny grains. The annual event is Mohnblütensonntag with a huge pan of poppy noodles and a tractor ride through the poppy fields on the so-called Mohnexpress. A little tip for hikers: Explore the evergreen Waldviertel along the Mohnstrudelweg. And make a detour to the Mohnhof Gressl poppy farm and try the poppy oil pesto that the family business from Ottenschlag produces in their own facilities.

Waldviertel herb gardens
Tea drinkers know and love them: Full-bodied herbal teas from Sonnentor that must be tried and purchased in the world of adventure in Sprögnitz. Our tip: Go on a herb hike (child-friendly!) and discover the herbal diversity of the Waldviertel.

Really enjoy the Waldviertel: Our insider tips
The people of the Waldviertel are certainly well-known for their dumplings. This is why we visited the "dumpling maker from the Waldviertel", the Wirtshaus im Demutsgraben in Zwettl, had a taste and would definitely recommend it. Whether its original Zwettl beer or goose dumplings, we've fallen in love with every single one. Then to digest it alongside the cool Ottenstein, Dobra and Thurnberg Kampseen that are all just so refreshing on hot summer days. The Ottenstein reservoir is best explored on a cosy boat trip. Our tip: Pay a visit to the Lichtenfels ruins while you're there and take a break in the idyllic bays. Another water spectacle of nature in the region is the Lohnbach waterfall not far from Arbesbach. It impressively plunges into the depths of the moss-green gorges, while its noises promise a relaxing spot.

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