Varied mountain bike world of experience

Both St. Corona am Wechsel and Mönichkirchen in the Vienna Alps stand out as a result of a versatile mountain bike and leisure facilities.

Qualitative trails in varying degrees of difficulty can be found in the first class trail centre, the Wexl Trails. The combination with promising circular mountain bike tours have allowed St. Corona am Wechsel and Mönichkirchen to become a mountain bike paradise.

The miracle of variety

The St. Corona am Wechsel adventure arena truly lives up to its name. Children and adults of all skill levels can start their mountain bike adventure right here. Before the more difficult tasks are tackled, the best place to start would be in the mini bike park, where there are routes for children from the age of three or five and a 90 metre long conveyor belt that ensures the kids get to the start. Or you go to the pump track, a circular tour that isn't just for beginners. The Wexl Lounge also gives parents the possibility of relaxing. The Wexl trails with the flow trail, single trail and uphill flow trail are perfect for the more advanced. While the flow trail stands out with an uprooted 4.5 kilometre long, flawlessly prepared route, the single trail is a little bit bumpier. Roots, stones, steep sections and fresh forest soil culminate here in a majestic Enduro ride, which the locals are happy to demonstrate. Whereas, the uphill flow trail offers a completely different bike experience. As indicated by the name, it has to do with a 5.3 kilometre uphill stretch that is also suitable for e-bikes. And speaking of e-bikes, the latest e-mountain bikes can be borrowed here. And if you experience any difficulties with your bike, there is an in-house workshop that will take care of your needs.  

Alpine pastures are priceless

In addition to the trail park, the breathtaking panorama trails are also an absolute must in many respects. At altitudes above 1,400 metres, you drive from one alpine pasture (Schwaig) to the next – a name given to the gentle alpine pastures at Wechsel. The Wu Trail for example, is completely new, which starts at Hochwechsel and presents you with gripping panoramas all the time. It's best to enjoy the little stops at one or the other amazing culinary establishments with a view of the summit through to East Styria or even Vienna.

Pure circular tour enjoyment

Two circular mountain bike tours in and around Mönichkirchen are highly recommended. On the Wechsel Route in Aspang, an impressive altitude of 1,100 metres is conquered from Aspangberg-St. Peter on a 32 kilometre long route. If you prefer shorter tours, you should aim for the Kogelrundweg Mönichkirchen – here you reach an altitude of 600 metres on a 18 kilometre long route. If you want to tackle both routes over several days, there are glamping possibilities in Mönichkirchen. Tents and camping equipment can be left at home and instead, book a cosy nature lodge in Glamping-Park Mönichkirchen – this glamorous form of camping is getting more and more popular. Those looking for more traditional accommodation, should look at Alpengasthof Enzian  – parents can relax, while the children romp around in the children’s rooms or around the guest house.

Having fun without a mountain bike

At the St. Corona am Wechsel adventure arena, it is not just cyclists that get their money's worth. 24 stations with 250 elements in Motorikpark for example, require both coordinative fitness as well as dexterity – most of the tasks can be mastered together. Teamwork is also required on the adventure trail known as “Auf den Spuren der Königin des Waldes” [following the traces of the queen of the forest], where you can learn about the life of ants in 15 sections. Those who enjoy an adrenaline rush can use the Corona Coaster summer toboggan run  – speeds of 40 km/h are reached on 870 metres including steep turns and roundabouts. At the start of the summer toboggan run and the ant trail, the Orthof serves traditional home made meals all day long. A children’s playground as well as huts with small animals and the accommodation are also available. Alternative overnight stay tips close to the adventure arena include the Ofnerhof Familie Gruber with a family of animals in the yard, the Dissauer Familie Rosinger Farm, which invites you to brush the manes of mini Shetland ponies, or the Gruber-List Holiday Home – with a natural bathing pond for hot summer days and a crackling open fire in the winter.

More food tips The Fernblick in St. Corona am Wechsel only opens its doors on Sundays from 12 to 7pm for the tavern – otherwise, this is where weddings are celebrated and seminars are held.

Even the Kletterpark Hamari [climbing park] in Mönichkirchen has something for all age groups – 12 different parkour areas, 85 stations and a climbing distance of 750 metres, which make it the largest high rope course of the Vienna Alps. It's even more fast-paced on the Rollerbahn Mönichkirchen [scooter track] – scooters or mountain carts are used to drive down the valley on Austria's first scooter course in just ten minutes. A circular route suitable for the whole family is the 2.7 kilometre long Schaukelweg [path of swings], where you can enjoy activities such as milk container bowling or a parkour area to improve your balance along the way. When you reach the destination, get on to the Almschaukel viewing platform at an altitude difference of 1,350 metres and enjoy the fantastic view over the Mönichkirchen alpine pastures.