Over all the peaks

The Alpine summer in Lower Austria unveils unforgettable views of the beautiful summit skyline and beyond. You have to see it to believe it!

Stand with both feet firmly above the clouds and take in the most scenic skylines in the world: The ones nature has built for us. Alpine summer in Lower Austria offers countless unforgettable summit vistas; the most scenic of them are described below.

Paradise with a view
Alpine summer in Lower Austria is full of wonderful vistas with two 2000 meter peaks, Rax and Schneeberg, plus a number of other summits. Our panorama tip is the arc described by the Vienna Alps with views like paradise and the Ötscher Massif, Austria’s Grand Canyon.

Postcard views and photographic vistas
On the Skywalk for the skyline view: Hohe Wand and Hochkar are two of nature’s lookout platforms offering unique views of and into the local countryside. Visitors to Semmering, the Magic Mountain, delight in the incomparable 360° views from Milleniumswarte, the lookout tower there. The view of the Semmering railway makes Austrians nostalgic; it graced the 20 schilling banknote in Austria until the euro took over in 2002.

Our tips on panoramic huts and lodges
The Terzerhaus warmly welcomes children and affords a superb view of the summit skyline from its panoramic terrace. The rustic hut Traisnerhütte with its views reaching far across the Mostviertel is equally impressive. Viewing the Alps from the deckchairs at mountain inn Raxalpe is especially friendly and relaxed while Neue Seehütte has scenic vistas of the Vienna Alps in store for visitors.