Picking up fruit in the cottage garden

Nature gardens and cultivated plants in Lower Austria: Excursion to the gardens at Arche Noah Schiltern, Niedersulz Museum Village and Weinviertel cottage garden

Traditional planting and cultivation of heirloom plants: In model cottage gardens in Lower Austria, clocks are still set by season, soil and weather. A visit there takes you past idyllic meadows dotted with fruit trees and colorful vegetable patches.

Growing fruits and vegetables the old-fashioned way? Modern care of heirloom varieties? In the cottage gardens from Waldviertel to Weinviertel, visitors can take all the time they want to look around and then take ideas and seeds home with them.

Rare field crops and cultivars
Arche Noah in Schiltern preserves and cares for cultivated heirloom plants. The Baroque garden is compelling in its precious diversity of species. Seedlings and growing tips are available in the shop. A visit to the Weinviertel cottage garden also promises to yield a host of new ideas. The private garden retains the beauty of natural meadows with fruit trees and vegetable patches. Old viticulture traditions come alive again in the original wine press house.

Traveling back in time to a farm village
Front cottage gardens in full bloom, hidden islands of herbs and radiant vegetable patches: Niedersulz Museum Village invites visitors on a stroll through the 18th and early 19th c. About 80 reconstructed farmhouses with yards and chapels – and gardens – are just waiting to be explored at this, the largest open-air museum in Lower Austria.