All aboard!

Next stop: Beer, holiday, sweet treats and saffron. Still think a railway station is just a railway station? We've got a surprise for you.

Exceptional, exciting and enticing. That is the best way to describe the ideas of our railway station visionaries. Being just a station is a thing of the past. Nowadays, saffron is grown, holidays taken, sweet treats baked and beer brewed. All 100% organic, of course.

Transforming the old into new

Old railway stations exude a certain charm. They provide a mix of nostalgia; that feeling of arriving and departing. The Nutz family, Wolfgang Stix, Anna Mahonie and Bernhard Kaar all shared the same thoughts and they injected new life and ideas into the old railway stations.

Master bakers and station brewers

Anna Mahonie has transformed the station in St. Aegyd and produces hand-made treats in the local station in her Süßmeisterei bakery. Not far away, in Ober-Grafendorf, Wolfgang Stix has turned the station into Bahnhofsbräu Styx railway brewery and brews Lower Austrian hops to create delicious beers.

Saffron and holidays at the station

The ecologist Bernhard Kaar has brought saffron cultivation back to life in Lower Austria in the form of Crocus austriacus at the Dürnstein railway station and is delighting researchers and visitors alike. The Nutz family invite you to take a holiday at the railway station. At the entrance to the nature park Ötscher-Basis in Wienerbruck, two beautiful designer rooms await hikers and holidaymakers.