Lilli the pony and Indian runner ducks

At Rosi’s Erlebnishof, the Seidl family’s adventure farm near Weitra

It seems like animals are bustling around everywhere on Rosi’s Adventure Farm. Lilli the pony, runner and Peking ducks, cats, chickens and cows. Cozy, family-friendly vacation accommodations – you’ll want to stay forever.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Peking is the capital of China. But Peking ducks – well, we have them on our farm too. Just see what they look like! Our runner ducks are so funny. The stand up straight as can be. Almost like Donald Duck. And when they run, they really get waddling.    

Why do horses wiggle their ears so much? Well, that is their way of communicating with us. If their ears are straight up, the horse is attentive and listening to you closely. Our pony Lilly can’t wait to have you pet him and take him out on a ride.

There is so much to discover on Rosi’s Adventure Farm! There are even genuine llamas! You can learn how to make paper or to blow glass yourself. And there are a number of swimming spots and ponds nearby. Your dad or grandpa can learn how to brew beer himself in Weitra!

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