The emperor’s new gardens

Glorious sunny weather in Lower Austrian castle gardens: Strolling in the Baroque garden at Schloss Hof or full enjoying the vast park at Laxenburg

Sauntering where Empress Sisi or Prince Eugene once did: passing monuments and fountains – or ducking into the hedge maze. Lower Austrian castles enchant visitors with their historical Baroque and Renaissance gardens.

The spirit of long-ago nobles is present in the castle gardens of Lower Austria. Even in the 21st c, they are grand places for royal strolls.

Tracing the heir presumptive
Schloss Hof – once the country estate of Prince Eugene – is famous today for its Baroque gardens based on historical sketches. They flourish and blossom on seven terraces complete with playful niches, fountains and sculptures. The historical park at Artstetten Castle is also based on original plans. Archduke Franz Ferdinand strolled in the shade of its chestnut trees back in the 19th c.

Of dwarves and fortresses
Sandstone Baroque dwarves long stood in the historical garden of Greillenstein Castle. In the meantime, the mini-witnesses of the 18th c have moved into the castle. The history of Laxenburg extends back to the 13th c. Today the vast landscape park with pond and Franzensburg is a popular excursion destination close to Vienna.