Beaming children, panoramic vistas and diverse tours await hikers at Tirolerkogel. If you are not in awe here, you have only yourself to blame.

Tirolerkogel is an ideal destination for families and pilgrims. Kids especially love going to the nature center at the base of Ötscher in Wienerbruck and hiking the many trails. For delicious food, try Anna-Alm, 2013 winner of the Edelhütte award.

Families and pilgrims are welcome!
Family-friendly Tirolerkogel (elevation 1,377 m) is close to Annaberg, an idyllic alpine village on the Via Sacra and the last place pilgrims overnight on their way to Mariazell. Hikers love the diversity of Tirolerkogel with its great views extending to Ötscher and with the great food at Anna-Alm, award-winning alpine hut.

Perfect base
The experience begins at the nature center at the base of Ötscher in Wienerbruck on Ötscher Reservoir, the starting point for guided or individual expeditions into Ötscher-Tormäuer Nature Park (Naturpark Ötscher-Tormäuer). Visitors can stop and rest on sunny terraces, taste regional fare and burn off energy on the climbing tower.

For kids and recreational hikers
Stunning flora and grand panoramic views await hikers on the way from Annaberg to Türnitz via Tirolerkogel. There are clear views all the way to the Wachau, especially in the fall. It is ideal for kids’ tours, being varied but not overly strenuous.