Exploring nature

With the Distelberger family at Hochriess Wildlife Park (Wildpark Hochriess) on the Erlauf River

Experience wildlife up close but without any loss of comfort – Hochriess Wildlife Park is the only place you can do that. The 24 ha park has fallow deer and red deer, the famous sika deer (“Bambi”) and lots of wild boars. A swimming pond adds to the adventure, making this farm a wonderfully inviting place for a family vacation.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Young wild boars up to ten months are called “squeakers”. The female is known as a wild sow in English. A group of bucks is known as a brace and the tail as a flag. A stag “bellows” and when a hare is in the open field he is said to soar. There is so much to discover at the wildlife park! Creep up on the game quietly and observe them closely.

Bees are smart! They even “tell” each other where good flowers can be found. Our bee educational trail explains just how important bees are for all of us. And you are sure to find the honey quite tasty, too.

If you want to go beyond just looking and do something, why not come out riding with us. Or bounce on the trampoline as high as you can. Or put the pedal to the metal of the old-time tractor and clatter and rattle your way across the fields.

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