3-Sisters-Weg - From cellar lane to cellar lane

Hiking route from Vino Versum/Wine Market in Poysdorf or Nonseum in Herrnbaumgarten or Municipal Office in Falkenstein

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Elevation profile

23,71 km length

Tour dates
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Route: 23,71 km
  • Ascent: 328 egm
  • Descent: 329 egm
  • Duration: 7:00 h
  • Lowest point: 202 m
  • Highest point:331 m
  • Round tour

Details for: 3-Sisters-Weg - From cellar lane to cellar lane

Brief description

Start / Finish: Poysdorf, Herrnbaumgarten, Falkenstein


Sparkling - Romantic - Crazy

Falkenstein, Poysdorf, Herrnbaumgarten - three wine villages like three sisters, connected by wine and yet fundamentally different.

Sparkling Poysdorf, romantic Falkenstein and crazy Herrnbaumgarten present their three wine villages as a charming sisterhood.

Picturesquely situated vineyards, idyllic cellar lanes and the mighty towering ruin in Falkenstein enchant at every turn.

You should definitely plan a visit to the Vino Versum Poysdorf. Taste cellar-fresh Weinviertel DAC during expert guided tours and get involved with seductive sparkling wine creations.

Get an insight into the humorously wacky Herrnbaumgarten. Discover cryptic inventions in the Nonseum, explore the bacchanalian underworld of the Labyrinthkeller and don't forget to unravel your single socks on the sock circuit.

Starting point of the tour

Vino Versum/Wine Market in Poysdorf or Nonseum in Herrnbaumgarten or Municipal Office in Falkenstein

Route description 3-Sisters-Weg - From cellar lane to cellar lane

In Poysdorf the hiking trail begins at the wine market (guest information) in Brünner Straße and leads left and then immediately right into the Radyweg cellar lane and from here uses the Weinviertelweg 632 to Falkenstein. After about 3 km you reach the Falkenstein forest. (Attention: the markings of the Weinviertelweg apply through the forest: red-white-red). When we come out of the forest, there is a wonderful view over the village and the ruins of Falkenstein. Through a sunken path we reach the famous Falkensteiner Kellergasse.

From Falkenstein, the hiking trail leads back through the Kellergasse and via a goods road we hike through the Riede Ackerweingärten to Poysbrunn. The trail continues through the Kellergasse Franzbergen along the Märchensommerallee. When we reach the main road, we turn right before the Mühlbach bridge and reach the eastern end of the village of Poysbrunn via the path and the adjoining road. Here we cross the main road and head in a north-easterly direction, first along a farm track and then along the field path. Before the windbreak, we turn right, pass a biotope and hike in a southerly direction to the next windbreak. From here, a field path leads to the left in the direction of the motorway. Turn right at the goods path parallel to the B7. Then cross the B7 and the A5 and hike to Herrnbaumgarten. When we reach the second windbreak, we turn left, walk to the state road and turn right on it towards Herrnbaumgarten. After the Schauweingarten we keep to the right, use the Güterweg and after 200 m turn left into the Steinweg. Via this cellar alley we finally reach the market town of Herrnbaumgarten.

The section towards Poysdorf starts at the Nonseum in Herrnbaumgarten and leads to Tiefen Graben. At Tiefen Graben we turn left and then right into Wagnergasse. From here the hiking trail leads on field paths up to the quarry chapel and then onto the goods road, where we keep to the right and thus come back to the wine town of Poysdorf. After the "Bamhacklkreuz" cross on the White Mountain, we hike about 400 m along the Brünner Straße road and then go down to the left. The goods path then turns to the right. When we have reached the highest point again, we go straight on through the hollow way and finally come to the Bürsting cellar lane and then to Singergasse. Here we turn right and after 150 m we reach the wine market.

Tip: Alternatively, you can also start your hike in Herrnbaumgarten at the Nonseum or in Falkenstein at the municipal office.


From Vienna you can reach Poysdorf via the B7


There are plenty of parking facilities in every town

From Vienna you can reach Poysdorf by public transport (from Floridsdorf) S2 to Mistelbach, then by bus to Poysdorf. You can also travel directly by bus from Floridsdorf to Poysdorf.

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Heurige in den Kellergassen, Gasthäuser in allen 3 Orten, geführte Kellergassen- und Traktorwanderungen, Weinmarkt Poysdorf, Nonseum und verruckte Vinothek in Herrnbaumgarten, Burgruine und Pfarrkirche mit seltener Darstellung der Dreifaltigkeit

Author's tip

Der 3 Schwestern Weg kann als sportliche Tagestour oder in Etappen erwandert werden. Geringfügige Steigungen.
Natürlich kann als Startpunkt auch einer der beiden anderen Orte (Herrnbaumgarten oder Falkenstein) gewählt werden.

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