Mohnwirt Neuwiesinger, © We Make Stories

The top 6 advent recipes from Lower Austria

Advent and Christmas: The best time to indulge. Just as magical as the pre-Christmas period are the recipes that really warm us up from the inside. If you're thinking of serving up something special, then we've got something savoury, something sweet and something spicy just for you! Join us on our short, refined culinary journey through Lower Austria!

Weinviertel Weinbeisser, © Weinviertel Tourismus

Weinviertel Weinbeisser

This classic Christmas biscuit isn't just found at the Christmas markets in the Weinviertel Kellergassen during the advent period. So we could bake them back at home, master confectioner Ingrid Aigner from Eisenhuthaus in Poysdorf wrote up the recipe for "Weinviertel Weinbeisser" for us. The best bit for us is biting into them when they're still warm before the lemon glaze goes on.

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Gingerbread mousse with punch sauce, ©

Gingerbread mousse with punch sauce

Christmas aromas appear when gingerbread and punch are combined. And it's even nicer when both ingredients are combined in a single recipe such as this "Gingerbread mousse with punch sauce". Ulli Amon-Jell from Gasthof Jell in Krems an der Donau reveals her recipe to us.

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Pink breast of farm duck with chestnut Schupfnudeln and red cabbage strudel, © Rita Newman

Pink breast of farm duck

A festive treat from the Vienna Alps. When duck, chestnuts and red cabbage are brought together in the kitchen of Puchegger-Wirt in Winzersdorf, a flavoursome combination is created: the "pink breast of farm duck with chestnut Schnupfnudeln and red cabbage strudel". Sound tempting? You can find all of the other ingredients and the method here.

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Mostviertel mulled cider, © Mostviertel Tourismus/

Mostviertel mulled cider

Advent - it's also a time for rosy cheeks, a mug of something warm between your hands and sufficient time to enjoy it. You can find out how to make your own Mostviertel mulled cider from perry and cinnamon here.

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Chestnut tiramisu, © Rita Newman

Chestnut tiramisu

The bells never sounded sweeter...A dessert that brings back memories from the past. Who didn't eat sponge fingers and collect chestnuts when they were little? The Landgasthaus Stockerwirt in Sulz in the Wienerwald region charms us with its chestnut tiramisu recipe.

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