Hunt for treasure and bake bread over the campfire

There is plenty of room for adventure at Landhaus Aigner (Aigner Country House).

A treehouse, a petting zoo and awesome day trips await cool kids in Mostviertel, and indeed in Landhaus Aigner, where the adventure begins. Here you can groom horses, collect eggs, and plan memorable excursions in the region.

Adventurers become treasure hunters
From the Aigner adventure farm, you can see just about all of Mostviertel. And from the treehouse in the orchard, you can see the whole farm. Up there, the best adventures can be planned – such as an expedition in a Bobby Car, or your next excursion in the region. But before you do anything else, a visit to the farm’s petting zoo is on the agenda. Cats, ponies, chickens, ducks, quails, tortoises and rabbits are waiting for you to cuddle, feed, and play with them. Near the treehouse, there is also a large playground, complete with a trampoline. The highlight is certainly the adventure treasure hunt on the farm. With speed, skill and a little bit of luck, you will surely find the coveted treasure chest.

Where the amazement never ends
The Aigner farm is the perfect base station for your adventure. From here, it is not far to the large climbing park in Buchenberg, the winery, and the Mostbirnhaus brewery, where Mum and Dad can get their money’s worth, or to the Haubiversum, where you can bake your own bread. A visit to Tierpark Haag (Haag Zoo) is especially popular with young adventurers. Our tip: Go on a hike to Sonntagberg, and finish the day with some Steckerlbrot (bread roasted on a stick over a campfire), and fantastic panoramic views.

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