An overview of all the excursion destinations in Lower Austria

Here is an overview – from action-packed adventure worlds to blooming botanical gardens, and from splendid Baroque buildings to modern museums!

Lower Austria boasts a unique blend of nature and culture in central Europe. This is also reflected in the diverse range of excursion destinations.

Lower Austria’s cultural quarter

Lower Austria's eventful history dates back to the time when the Venus of Willendorf – one of the oldest effigies in the world – was sculpted. Particularly impressive are the buildings which have been bequeathed to Lower Austria by its rulers over the past two millennia. These include the remains of the Roman provincial capital, Carnuntum, as well as the Babenberg-era castles, churches and monasteries, and the grandiose construction projects of the Habsburg era – especially the magnificent Baroque buildings.

Tradition meets modernity

We don't just rest on our rich cultural heritage – we try to build on it. Examples of this include the modern museum scene, and impressive architectural masterpieces such as the Wolkenturm (“Pillar of Clouds”) tower in Grafenegg.

A region of 1000 landscapes

It is not just culture that plays an important part. Nowhere else in central Europe do so many landscapes form a harmonious whole. Inter alia, this abundance is reflected in the two national parks and the various nature parks.

Have we piqued your wanderlust? You can find all this and more in Lower Austria. Find the perfect excursion destination!