Hiking in the mountain air at Mönichkirchner Schwaig

At Alpengasthof Enzian, the Reithofer family’s alpine inn

Or best of all, just close your eyes and breathe deeply! The air at 1,200 meters above sea level at Alpengasthof Enzian, the Reithofer family’s alpine inn, is simple magnificent. The scenic landscape is the only thing that steals the show from the good air – and the many recreational and hiking options for the whole family.

Amazing, isn’t it!

You are king of the world! What!? You need a ship to be king? We have one. Our playground has a real play ship. So climb up the shrouds, you pirates. What?! You want to climb even higher than that? A climbing park called HAMARI is close to us – there you can go high up in the trees and learn how to swing on ropes from one tree to another.

Millers like to wander according to a poem by German poet Wilhelm Müller later made into a song by Franz Schubert. But millers are not the only ones, especially if wandering involves hiking along the Wild Water Trail (Wildwasserweg). This trail takes you along a mountain torrent over what is called the Stairway to Heaven (Himmelstiege). Or you can opt for hiking really high up in the Alps. And if you need to cool off, our pond is waiting for you while the adults relax in our wellness area.

Salamanders are amphibians, a word that means two-lives, one in the water and one on land. They live in our biotope where children are also welcome to play. When they are first born, amphibians live in the water. They breathe through gills that look like little tufts to the left and right of their throat. What other animals are there to discover here? Who knows? Take a close look!

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