Where sheep’s noses grow on trees

At Althammerhof, the Schneidhofers’ family farm on Semmering

Everything’s possible on an organic farm. Sheep’s noses grow on trees – namely on apple trees. On the Schneidhofer family’s idyllic farm, you and your children can relax amidst orchards full of this old-time variety of apple.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Sheep’s noses to eat or to pet? Both. The many cloudy white sheep on our pasture look forward to your visit and like you to tickle their noses. And the sheep’s nose apples taste especially good as cider or in apple strudel.

Incidentally, we also make tasty cheese out of our ewes’ milk. We are glad to show you how. Then you have to taste it, of course! If all this talk makes you hungry, just walk out into the woods and pick mushrooms with your family. And when supper time comes, you can have a tasty treat.

Whooo! It is so hot right now. A great time to head to our pond to splash and swim around. But the adventure really starts at Myra Falls (Myrafällen), where you hike up narrow paths through a host of waterfalls. Higher and higher – and it is so pleasantly cool, just like it is in Hermann’s Cave (Hermannshöhle).

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