Arnulf Rainer Museum

The Arnulf Rainer Museum in Baden near Vienna unites an architectural jewel with the work of the internationally acclaimed contemporary artist.

The Frauenbad was initially the site of a bathing house. Today, it is dedicated to the Baden-born painter Arnulf Rainer and his work: It has been ten years since the museum was refurbished to the highest technical and visual standards. Its aim is to share insights into the work of Rainer to a wide audience.

Contemporary art in the Frauenbad

Upon the wishes of Arnulf Rainer, the museum has a very interdisciplinary character: His own contemporary art is also contrasted with the work of other artists. The Arnulf Rainer Museum is also a vital part of Austrian contemporary art and offers an events programme ranging from literature to music, to performances, presentations and art events, special guided tours through the current exhibitions and on the architecture of the museum. Our tip: why not try one of the great tours for children and young people at night with Lucy Electric?

‘REVUE’ – 90 years of Arnulf Rainer, 10 years of the museum

The exhibition, which shows a creative period across 80 years, encompasses the surrealist drawings of the late 1940s, early central and vertical compositions and monochrome overpaintings from the 1950s. The huge cycle of ‘Face Farces’ and the contortions, known as ‘Body Poses’, the ‘Frauensprache’ and the ‘Kunst über Kunst,’ as well as the gestic hand and finger paintings from the 1960s, are also displayed. The overpaintings of scientific and anatomical studies from the mid-80s are also part of the exhibition, as well as the contemplative space and veil images from the 1990s. Rainer's later work since 2000 rounds off the exhibition, which you can still visit until 13 April 2020.