Apricot blossom in Schwallenbach, © Michael Liebert

Blossom webcams

Spring has sprung – let us update you on the thriving variety of blossoms across Lower Austria.

Buds are the most precious things a tree supports through winter. They lie dormant for months and wait for the explosion of spring.

Inviting blossoms to inspire

Once the chill of winter has slowly worn off and as the heat of the sun increases, nature finally awakens and the colourful blossoms banish the bleakness of winter.

As early as the middle of March until the middle of April, a few plants eagerly reveal their leaves and flowers to the weak rays of sunshine. It is the time that the apricot and perry trees, which provide us with fruit throughout summer to well into autumn, make their grand appearance.

The flowers of the Waldviertel Graumohn poppy, on the other hand, peak in the summer months. The poppy fields in the Waldviertel around Mohndorf Armschlag transform into a sea of white-purple-red flowers from early to mid-July.