Großes Radvergnügen entlang ehemaliger Bahntrassen, © Waldviertel Tourismus,

Everyone on board: following the former routes of the old locomotives

Lower Austria is perfect for pleasure cyclists and families looking for exciting cycle trips along disused railway lines

It is thanks to the flat course of the former rail routes that cycling along abandoned railway lines has become such a popular activity. It allows cyclists on the cycle rail routes of Lower Austria to relax, while still being active. It is an exciting moment when the cycle path meets the railway line. In Lower Austria, families and pleasure cyclists alike enjoy riding along disused railway longs. The chugging steam locomotives of yesteryear were not able to manage any steep climbs, so now, the pleasure riders of today have a lot to thank the early railway engineers for. They even smoothed out the landscape.

Cycling on disused railway routes

In the Mostviertel, adults and children alike enjoy cycling along the railway track of the former Ybbstal rail route, often with e-bikes. Families enjoy the flat tracks  newly developed in 2017, as they follow the original course of the railway in the heart of the Ybbstal cycle trail between Waidhofen an der Ybbs and Lunz am See. The route is a guaranteed adventure, taking cyclists over stone viaducts and through arched bridges, a tunnel, and even a romantic gorge, as they enjoy all the beauty spots along the bank of the crystal clear Ybbs.

The Waldviertel places the emphasis on enjoyment, especially on the Thaya Tour route. The trail passes casually by relics of the railways, castles and palaces. Hedges bearing wild fruit offer a great way of enjoying a relaxed break.

Cycling for kids: Young cyclists following the course of the old steam locomotives

Typical railway signs show families the right way to go on the EuroVelo 9 Radln-für-Kids (Cycling for Kids) route between Stammersdorf by Vienna into the Weinviertel and the Marchfeld. The individual stations tell the story of the railway, and discovers can find out exactly what is meant by ‘station trees’, loco-cycle’ and ‘railway fountain’, at the latest when they reach the end of the 39 kilometre long cycle route (a visit to the railway museum in Deutsch-Wagram is also recommended). A detour from the Traisental cycle path - the Türnitzer rail-bike path, i.e. the 'Terrific Tunnel Tour' between Freiland and Türnitz – is a delight for children. With absolutely no car traffic, the nine kilometres can be ridden perfectly safely, passing through three tunnels: the Prinztal tunnel (133 m), Moosbach tunnel (32 m) and the Dickenauer tunnel (155 m). Once at the destination in Türnitz, the Eibl Jet, the most modern toboggan run in Lower Austria, will keep the whole family entertained.

The most fascinating railway routes in Lower Austria at a glance: