Cycling trip, © Franziska Consolati

In the heart of Europe: cycling without borders along the EuroVelos

Cross-border cycling on the EuroVelo 9 and the EuroVelo 13 through Lower Austria

In Lower Austria, you can cycle through history on the great European EuroVelo 9 and EuroVelo 13 cycle routes that lead through the Vienna Alps.

Through the heart of Lower Austria runs the 260 kilometre long Danube cycle route

The Danube cycle route is one of Europe’s most loved long-distance cycle routes. Nowhere else is the route as varied, which passes from fascinating castles to Roman towns. Passing visitors can rest in the vineyards or famous wine taverns. Bite into a juicy Wachau apricot or refresh tired calves in the Danube and delight in the sunny seating places surrounded by nature. Ride together with the whole family or on an e-bike: The Danube cycle route offers not only limitless cycling, but also limitless fun.

The route in the North

Along the 111 km long Thaya tour cyclists can discover the Waldviertel, with sections along the former railway line of the Thayatal-Bahn (Waidhofen-Slavonice). The cross-border cycle route between Austria and the Czech Republic passes by fascinating sights such as Burg Raabs castle and allows a view of the Renaissance town of Slavonice and in the summer holiday destination of Písečné. Austria’s largest wine region Weinviertel in the north-east of the State Capital Vienna is perfect to discover by bike. We recommend a stop at the traditional “Heurigen”, (wine taverns or wine bars, where you can also pick up a snack). Heurigen are in season all year round and the Heurigen calendar shows which ones are open when.

EuroVelo 9 and Thermenland cycle path

The EuroVelo 9 passes from the Czech Republic right through Lower Austria, through the Weinviertel, through Vienna, and along the Thermenland cycle path right into the Vienna Alps. The EuroVelo 9 can be conveniently divided into three stages, the first from Breclav to Vienna (90 km), the second as the Thermenland cycle path from Vienna to Kleinwolkersdorf (56 km) and the third stage from Wiener Neustadt to Mönchichkirchen (55 km). The second stage is particularly attractive to pleasure cyclists, with wine taverns situated virtually right on the paths. Riders of the third stage are rewarded by the wonderful mountain panorama of the Vienna Alp range on the home straight.

Iron Curtain Trail and EuroVelo 13

The Iron Curtain Trail (EuroVelo 13) is where cyclists can experience the history of divided Europe. The Iron Curtain separated Europe into East and West for nearly half a century, all the way from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea. Biotopes have now formed in the erstwhile exclusion zones, known as the green belt, where plant and animal life can develop undisturbed.

The EuroVelo 13 can boast some impressive statistics: it crosses 20 countries, has 14 UNESCO sites and three European seas, all of which can be experienced by cyclists along its 10,400 kilometre length. Cyclists in Lower Austria appreciate the EuroVelo 13 not only because it connects the Waldviertel with the Weinviertel but also for the charming break opportunities that it offers pleasure riders in the romantic wine cellars of the famous vineyard areas of Retz, Laa an der Thaya and Poysdorf.