Danube, ahoy!

The countryside along the Danube is at its most beautiful when viewed from aboard a ship. Tip: A ride between Krems, Spitz and Melk.

The possibilities for traveling on the Danube are as varied as the landscapes lining the shores of this mighty river: From the small flat-bottomed regional boat known as “zille” to luxurious cruise ships or fast jet catamarans.

An excursion on the Danube is certainly one of the highlights of a vacation in Lower Austria. The most scenic and the most relaxed way to view the Wachau in particular is from the middle of the river. But the other Danube regions have their own special charms when viewed on a nautical journey.

Comfortable and convenient in the Wachau, quick trip between capitals
The excursion ships of DDSG Blue Danube and Brandner Schiffahrt operate from April to October between Krems, Spitz and Melk. In addition, the old-fashioned paddle steamer MS Stadt Wien takes off from Tulln to the Wachau every Sunday in peak season. Or you can travel the modern and quick way from Vienna to Bratislava aboard the Vienna City Liner, a catamaran with a jet engine. It needs just 1 hour and 15 minutes in each direction.

A primeval Danube experience
There are also more relaxed modes of river travel. For instance, Schiffmühle Orth/Donau is a ship mill that offers rides on a tschaike, an authentic replica of a Danube ship from 1530. And in the Wachau you can take fun rides on the 10-meter long wooden “zillen”, the traditional local flat-bottom boats.