Live like a farmer – with your own fleet!

At Einkehrhof Poggau in Reinsberg

You just can’t stay long enough at Einkehrhof Poggau with its view of majestic Ötscher. There are so many adventures to be had here and wonderful days to be spent in the great outdoors. The spectacular playground alone is worth a visit.

Animal adventures with Heidi and Larissa
There are adventures enough at Einkehrhof! After all, Heidi the goat, Larissa the donkey, Cindy and Amy the dogs, the sweet rabbits, ducks and cats are always ready to have some fun and be petted. Together with them, you get training in being a farmer. Helping hands are always welcome in the barn and the sheep have to be taken out to the pasture. Your first chore is in the morning. You have to go get the breakfast eggs out of the nests.

A whole fleet all for you!
The fleet at Einkehrhof is impressive indeed: vehicles galore, from go-carts and bicycles to push cars. There is also plenty of adventure outdoors on foot along the many hiking trails! All that walking, ping-pong and crisscrossing the farm gets your appetite up, so there is a cookout at suppertime. Incidentally, those rolls you baked yourself taste best of all! The next day you go back out to the playground featuring stream, cave, climbing wall and slide for even more adventures!

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