The Gauls from Hornerwald

With the Toifl family at the Gaul Theme Park (Erlebniswelt Gallien)

One of the all-time favorite French comic series is called “Asterix and Obelix.” It follows the exploits of a village of indomitable Gauls as they resist Roman occupation. This Gaul Theme Park was created in the spirit of those comics. Visitors sleep in log cabins or teepees and wonders never cease for the children.

Amazing, isn’t it!

Do you always throw your rubber boots in the corner like that? Good! Then you are all set for our Asterix Olympics. The disciplines include rubber-boot throwing, archery and many other competitions.

Asterix, the little Gaul, was also in America once and brought back a big totem pole and teepees with him when he returned. Another type of housing for the American Indians is what is called a wigwam. You can really live and sleep in them. And after the sun goes down, you sit around the campfire and tell the others about all your adventures.

Do you already have some fish tales to tell? That’s the language of anglers. Back in Obelix times, they always said: “Piscis meus multo maior est.”(That’s Latin, the language of the Romans.) It means: “My fish is much bigger.” You can always tell the others that same tale when you pull a huge catfish or pike out of our fish pond.

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