Römerstadt Carnuntum


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Immerse yourself in the world of the Romans and experience how 1,700 years of ancient history come alive again in the Roman city of Carnuntum. The past begins here.

A visit to Carnuntum makes the Ancient Roman period come to life. The region boasts architectural masterpieces, romantic ruins and precious treasures — and all this is just a half hour drive from Vienna and Bratislava. This fascinating chapter in history has never been so accessible!


In the reconstructed Roman city quarter you are literally a guest in the Romans‘ living rooms. All buildings have been re-erected in their original locations, giving a glimpse into Roman society. Together with decorative details and furniture a unique time frame to this epoch has thus been opened.


Built in 1904 in the style of a Roman country villa, the building is Carnuntum's treasure house. In the brand-new exhibition "Metropolis at the Danube Limes", visitors experience the history from winter camp to big city up close. Original finds provide great insights into the life of the metropolis. The ideal introduction to a trip to Carnuntum!


The Amphitheatre was erected as a wooden construction in the first century AD and was rebuilt in stone at the beginning of the second century AD. An exhibition at the amphitheatre gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of the Roman gladiator contests.


  • Groups:
    € 14,- / Admission and guided tour "Highlights in the Roman Quarter". € 14,- / Admission and guided tour "Museum Carnuntinum € 17,- / Admission and guided tour "Metropolis at the Danube Limes € 17,- / Admission and guided tour "Grand City Tour“
  • Individual:
    € 13,-
  • Children:
    youth aged 15-18 € 11,- Children from 11 to 14 years € 6,- Children under 10 years accompanied by a legal guardian = free admission
  • Guided tours:
    € 4,-

Facility features

  • Café in the establishment
  • Tours
  • Outdoor kid's playground
  • Restaurant in the establishment
  • Shop
  • Toilet facility
  • Offers for children
  • charging station for electric vehicles


  • Suitable for wheelchairs
  • Dogs allowed
  • Wheelchair accessible toilet facility
  • suitable for children
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  • to the city center: 1 km

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