Dürrenstein Wilderness Area

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The wilderness area on the south side of the Dürrenstein is home to Austria's largest natural forests. The area reaches from 650 m altitude to the summit of the Dürrenstein at 1,787 m altitude. The wilderness area has been protected since 2002 and is therefore permanently protected. In the largest primeval forest remainder of Central Europe, firs and spruces over 50 m high and well over 500 years old with circumferences of up to 4.8 m and red beeches over 35 m high and more than 400 years old can be seen. It is a habitat for numerous wild animals, including some rare species such as the snow mouse, the alpine shrew, the brown long-eared bird and the lynx.

In 2011, the "Year of the Forest", the wilderness area was included in Austria's seven forest wonders as a "fairytale forest". The Austrian Federal Forests had called for a vote. In order to protect this unique forest area, people only have access within the framework of limited and guided hikes. The guided tours start and end in Göstling/Ybbs and in Lackenhof am Ötscher.


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    Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein-Lassingtal

    Schutzgebietsverwaltung Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein-Lassingtal

    Kirchenplatz 5
    3293 Lunz am See

    Phone: +43 7486 21122

    E-Mail: info@haus-der-wildnis.at
    Website: www.wildnisgebiet.at

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