Ferdinand-Warte viewpoint

Lookout tower, Scenic lookout


The viewpoint in the Dunkelstein forest offers a view of Rossatz, Dürnstein, Loiben, Stein and Krems to Göttweig.

The Ferdinand-Warte viewpoint attracts many visitors every year, as this spot provides a stunning sight. A wooden structure designed to look like a pavilion, which was built above rocks, provides a stunning 360-degree view. The wonderful panorama opens up a view of Rossatz to Dürnstein (to the French War Memorial in Dürnstein) to Loiben, Stein und Krems right to Göttweig. There are two ways to reach this viewpoint: 1st route: There is a narrow incline to the right of the banks of the Danube approx. 500 m from Hundsheim (Mautern district) which requires a decent level of fitness, approx. 1/2 hour. Parking available on the left-hand side of the road, where there is also a rest stop.

2nd route: Car parking in Unterbergern, approx. 30-minute gentle walk direct to viewpoint or take the car on the Wachau World Heritage Trail over the agricultural road for approx. 500 m before reaching of the Ferdinand-Warte viewpoint.

Location and how to get there