Fishing in Waidhofen an der Ybbs



The Ybbs offers fishermen excellent water quality and a variety of opportunities.
Fishing permits can also be purchased at the Ybbstal Alps information office at weekends. 

The city district
In the immediate vicinity of the town and yet in the middle of nature, 2.5 km of fishing fun await you - for beginners and professionals alike. The city district covers the left bank (downstream) and stretches from the Sattelgraben to the city weir. Permitted lures are: Spoon, fly, dead bait fish. Here you can catch brown trout, grayling or rainbow trout.

Fly fishing
The fly fishing stretch invites you to stand in the wide grayling river with your waders and serve small dry flies to delicate grayling rings. The Ybbs river is one of the few remaining bodies of water where the grayling occurs naturally. This is evidence of good water quality. Throughout the year, the 2.5 kilometers may only be fished with a fly. 

Points of purchase for fishing cards (day and guest cards):
Ybbstal Alps Information Office
Schlossweg 2, 3340 Waidhofen an der Ybbs
T +43 (0)5 93049

Annual passes are available from the municipal office/environmental department.

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  • Individual:
    Guest card Lower Austria 15,90€ (with proof of fishing license) Day ticket city district 37€ with proof of fishing authorization (max. 4 fish per day) Annual permit 452€ (fishing on max. 12 days per month, max. 50 fish per year)
  • Children:
    Youth annual pass 305€ (fishing on max. 12 days per month, max. 50 fish per year)

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