Forging Mile Ybbsitz ("Schmiedemeile")



Ybbsitz has many sides and numerous facets. The forging industry, however, has left its mark on the town like no other guild.

The three kilometre long blacksmith's mile has become a backbone on which the town and its inhabitants align themselves.
A total of eight milestones, from the FeRRUM world of iron to the Einöd Hammer, tell hikers about the events of pre-industrial times, i.e. the former lives of blacksmiths and grinders.

The starting point of the "Schmiedemeile" is marked by the "Ferraculus", an iron man made of stainless steel, who looks in the direction of the town centre and at the same time into the course of the "Schmiedemeile".

If you walk along the blacksmith mile, you come to the Fahrngruber Hammer. In this forge, which has existed since the 16th century, you have the opportunity to either become a blacksmith yourself at one of the hobby forge courses, or you can watch the work of the forge at one of the forge demonstrations. At the next milestone, the hammer mill Eybl, you can watch the work on the tail hammer.

Impressive centrepiece of the Schmiedemeile is the Erlebnisbrücke, a 25 m metal arched bridge spanning the Prollingbach waterfall. Equally worth seeing is the loop building at the adventure bridge.

The eighth and final milestone presents one of the most beautiful existing hammer mills in its typical design. The building is still used today as a blacksmith's shop.


  • FeRRUM world of iron
  • Schaumarkt
  • Free time of the smithy (Dr. Meyer-Park)
  • Sonneck Werk IV
  • Fahrngruber Hammer
  • The use of hydropower, Hammerwerk Eybl
  • The loop in the Noth (adventure bridge)
  • Einöd Hammer (Wehrsteg)

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