Grafenegg Castle

Castle, Model garden

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A historic castle next to a futuristic open air stage in a landscaped park, a 19th century riding school next to a modern concert hall, and many more sights await you in Grafenegg.

The slender turret tower of Grafenegg Castle represents the late Gothic construction phase. The Renaissance period also had a lasting impact on the development of the castle, which by the first half of the 17th century was already a four-wing complex with two imposing towers. A moat and four ramparts provided formidable protection. A chapel was constructed on the eastern side. This gave Grafenegg the shape that is still partially preserved today. The garden pavilion is reminiscent of the Baroque period. This is where celebrations used to be held and theatrical performances were given.

Following the example of English castles, an extension in the Romantic Historicist style was constructed later on. This is how Grafenegg Castle came to be the landmark that we know today, with its imposing towers, grand façades, stylish staircases and atmospheric archways, and the beautiful chapel, the altar of which dates back to the 15th century.

Today the castle is a mixture of style elements, including 19th century English Gothic Revival and 17th century components.

The castle is surrounded by a 32-hectare English garden, which combines history, botany and modernity. The 300 year old garden is still in full bloom, with rare plants from all four corners of the world, old trees, and contemporary works of art.

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