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Near the - especially popular among ski fans - Unterberg and the panoramic Reisalpe stretches the Jochart 1,266 meters into the air. The mountain with the female title is located in the Gutenstein Alps, not far from Rohr im Gebirge. From here, a well-marked hiking trail leads directly to the summit of the Jochart. Its short ridge with a steep northern side is characterized by wooded areas. Even the summit cross at the highest point is surrounded by forest. Some clearings near the summit, however, offer surprisingly generous panoramic views - in the right weather as far as Ötscher, Schneeberg and Gesäuse.

Nature lovers will enjoy the quiet - and still comparatively little visited - pre-Alpine landscape of the Jochart. We recommend that you bring your own provisions and hiking equipment, as there are no huts on the way to the summit.

Gutenstein Alps / Vienna Alps

Tip for the summit hike
From the public car park in Rohr im Gebirge, a red hiking marker first points the way up to the Schacherkreuz, before a blue marker continues to the summit. As there is no hut, own provisions are recommended.

Good to know: To this day, large pieces of a plane that crashed in 1974 remain on the slope of the Jochart.

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